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Strategic Angler

Strategic Angler | Esapada Series

Strategic Angler | Esapada Series

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The Espada-F (floating) sits tail down on the water’s surface at rest.   To create a surface side to side glide, slowly pump the rod tip down rhythmically; it may take a few tries to get the action right and may depend on wind and current conditions.  Don’t forget to pause in between, as most strikes occur at this time; the head will also pop out during the pause.  To achieve a longer surface glide, switch to a lighter belly hook or just use a tail hook.

Slowly sweeping the rod tip left to right (or down) will make the lure dive followed by a bubble trail.   This audible commotion entices strikes at anytime, so always keep your eye on the lure as it pops out of the water.

The Espada-S (sinking) descends about a foot a second just like a dead bait fish.  A faster sink can be achieved by using heavier or larger tail hooks.  Jigging the lure will make it come alive underwater with an erratic darting action; pausing it will make the lure sink tail first.  Rhythmic jigging of the lure will make it dart left and right, giving it an underwater walk-the-dog presentation.

A subsurface rolling action can be achieved by casting the lure out and letting it sink to the desired depth.  Quickly sweep the rod left to right (or up) to make the lure dart and roll underwater, creating a side flash like a fleeing baitfish.


3/0 trebles or 2/0 trebles

3/0 treble with 7/0 single

8/0 to 10/0 singles

Tail only:
4/0 treble, 3/0 treble, up to 12/0 single


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