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Ocean Born

Ocean Born | Flying Pencil 160

Ocean Born | Flying Pencil 160

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The Flying Pencill™ has been engineered to increase casting distance with a proven design for catching fish in waves, turbulent waters and strong currents while targeting big fish.

You can’t catch fish you can’t reach!! Design elements such as side wings and low air friction ribs allow the Flying Pencill™ to seemingly fly far away through the air, even under windy conditions. Catch the fish others can’t reach with the Flying Series!

The Flying Pencill™ comes in Floating, Sinking, Super Long Distance, and Rocket Models. Depending on the model and retrieve speed or cadence, you can easily have the Flying Pencill™ popping, spitting, walking the dog, skipping along the surface, or slow swimming underneath, making this lure versatile and indispensable. FL and SK models come with 4X treble hooks; the SLD model comes with 6X treble hooks; the Rocket model comes with 6X single hook - to match all kinds of fights!


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